"Break Every Chain" Empowerment Conference - NEWS AND UPDATES!

"Break Every Chain" Empowerment Conference is the Empowering Conference that No Kingdom Minded Individual Should Miss!

Although we’ve made some progress in leveling out the playing field for Christians of the Kingdom of God in Business, Ministry, Finances, Education, Career and Personal Destiny, we are far from where we ought to be.

He brought them out of darkness and the shadow of death, and break their chains in sunder. Psalms 107:14

Ladies and Gentlemen Arise and Shine. You are invited to attend fabulous conference and panel discussion, cookout, and powerful breakthrough speaking sessions at the “Break Every Chain” Empowerment Conference with Kingdom Empowerment, Inc on Saturday, July 15 and 16, 2017. Come on Saturday by 12:00 PM and have your picture taken at the backdrop; and we will start promptly at 1:00 PM CDT. This event is Free. 

Vendors and Sponsors will be their to share their products and services.

Bring the Youth (12 and UP) will have a special empowerment session prompting them to act out now in faith to be entrepreneurs, pastors, and fulfill their God-given calling starting at their age. 

The conference will focus on exploring the forces that bind and inhibit individual’s abilities to pursue and accomplish their God given purpose. Attendees will be equipped with strategies to loose the chains that bind and move forward in their lives with purpose, determination and enthusiasm.

Share with others so that they grow, be fruitful and multiply in all areas of their life.

They may also call to register.