About Kingdom Empowerment, Inc.

Kingdom Empowerment, Inc. is a Christian organization offering education in digital Magazine, Radio and TV; Seminars and Workshop in the areas of Leadership, Mentoring and Coaching since 2013.

Kingdom Empowerment Magazine

Kingdom Empowerment Magazine is an online and digital magazine designed to empower and equip individuals to be successful. Women are starting ministries and businesses more than ever before, and for good reason: In the Kingdom of God there is always a desire to have dominion over all of the affairs of our lives. You can now take advantage of our income, function with minimal cost, and still remain consistent in your relationship with God.

Kingdom Empowerment Inc Radio (KEIFM) & TV KEITV12

Kingdom Empowerment, Inc. Radio and TV  is an online digital radio and TV broadcasting platform designed to empower and equip individuals desiring to grow in Christianity. Look for us on BRIC Brooklyn Cable TV in the near future.

Kingdom Empowerment, Inc. (Christian Training Academy)

Kingdom Empowerment, Inc.’s Christian Training Academy “The Master’s Touch” Programs provides credentialing in Christian Leadership, Mentoring and Coaching.

Kingdom Empowerment, Inc. Seminars, Workshops, and Conference

Kingdom Empowerment, Inc.’s Seminars, Workshops, and Conferences are designed to impacts the body, spirit, and soul with sustainable and inspirational change that individuals walk away refreshed, empowered, and equipped to succeed in the Christian life, Life long goals, and God-ordained passion for life in the Truth and Spirit of Jesus Christ.

The Master’s Touch Membership Program

The Master’s Touch Membership Program is scheduled to launch on June 15, 2016 with three levels of membership (Basic, Silver, and Gold) providing Christian Networking, Free Access to Events, Webinars, Christian Resources, Business and Ministry Tools, Credentialing Discounts, Mission Tour Services, Speaking Engagement Resources, Coaching and Mentoring Services, and much more.

Jewelry4AQueen Collection

Kingdom Empowerment, Inc.'s Jewelry 4 A Queen Collection is established for "Queens Just Like You" who want to buy quality jewelry at a Brilliant Value. Whether classy or flamboyant, textured or smooth, gold or silver toned, we recognize that every detail is an opportunity to cater to a queen's taste. Each queen's appetite for fashion influences our creativity and is an inspiration to us. We are excited to present to your a product assortment with a little bit of everything. If you are looking for a refined look, we have plenty of engagement and eternity rings that set the tone. Interested in something a bit more decadent? Indulge in our lacy filigree or fun cocktail jewelry. We have styles that suit every preference. Our Jewelry 4 A Queen collection has been established for empowerment initiatives via online and digital media globally just for queens like you! Support the cause today.

About The Founder: Rev. Dr. Donna Ghanney

Dr. Donna Ghanney is a Certified Professional Life Coach (CPLC), Ordained Pastor, Leadership Trainer, Author, Professional Article Writer, Talk Show Host, Certified Producer,and Motivational Speaker. She is the owner of Kingdom Empowerment, Inc. in which has Kingdom Empowerment, Inc. Radio and TV, Jewelry4AQueen Collection of fine and fashion Jewelry, Kingdom Empowerment Magazine, Kingdom Empowerment, Inc. Christian Training Academy Tools, and other Christian Educational social media channels.