Global Women's Empowerment Projects

Kingdom Empowerment, Inc. has chosen to impact Winneba, Ghana to support the enablement of teen girls and young women adults in the area of empowerment through education, resources, and tools to become business owners, start ministries, and nonprofit organizations that will help them to be sustainable.

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All donations will be used in the following areas:
  • Facilities for training
  • Advertisement
  • Resources including business start-up funding upon successful completion of training.
  • Tools including books, supplies, and other amenities for training
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We are also seeking for organizations, groups, and individuals that are willing to ship barrels of books (Christian Education, Bibles, Nursing, Business and Management, Beauty, Sewing, Agriculture, and much more books), laptops, and other items to be used to start a library in Winneba, Ghana to provide educational and training resources that can be used for women in the community for generations to come. Clothing, shoes, and other items are also welcome for individuals that may be seeking employment.

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The Impact:

  • Reduction and Alleviation of Poverty
  • Increasing the Capability of Women to be empowered in Ministry
  • Development of Sustainable Self-Employment Initiatives
  • Providing Education and Resources to Run the Race for Generations to come
While women represent half the global population and one-third of the labor force, they receive only one-tenth of the world income and own less than one percent of world property. They are also responsible for two-thirds of all working hours.
Short Summary of the founder of Kingdom Empowerment, Inc.

Hello, My name is Donna Ghanney, CEO of Kingdom Empowerment, Inc.Kingdom Empowerment, Inc. was established to educate individuals in the areas of coaching, mentoring, leadership, business and nonprofit startups, budgeting and finances, health, spiritual growth, trafficking and many other areas in support of providing social, mental and physical sustainability globally.I was inspired to empower individuals to be successful when visiting Ghana West Africa in the Central Region in 2012. I visited an area called the Zongo and was able to see first hand how young ladies from 12 and up were given over into marriage or trafficking. The underlying area and cause for this being acceptable was poverty conditions and living in an environment that deems it acceptable. Later, when I returned to America and walked in impoverished areas, I learned that the same stigma existed here.
This provoked me to develop programs to educate, empower, and equip individuals globally to be successful in every area of their lives. Our programs are designed to encourage and motivate individuals to allow transformation to take place in their lives.  We also are inspired to help them continue the pace after the seminar by providing one on one coaching, tools, and resources to help them continue the pace. Our goals are to see that every seed that is planted is utilized and maximized to its greatest extent when we provide any financial support to help women remain sustainable in their vision. 

About Winneba, Ghana

The Penkye area of the Efutu Municipal District of Winneba located in the Central Region of Ghana West Africa has approximated 8,089 females according to a 2010 District Report. Although paid educational opportunities are available through to senior high, jobs are not readily available for female graduates. Teenage pregnancies have also decreased the capabilities of some young women not being able to pursue education. Young women are often married by mutual consent at an age of twelve years old and up. There are minimal opportunities for young females to receive training to become Christian ministers as well as develop sustainable self-employment models. These circumstances often promote a cycle of poverty for young women and their children. We believe that this cycle can be broken through education, resources and sustainability tools.

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We would like to be completed funded for the project by May 31, 2018.


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